2016 Future Healthcare Hero Awardees

Gunner Lundius                   Mt. Vernon Township High School

Parker Lester                        Okawville Jr Sr High School

Miranda Mansfield               Carlyle High School

Shubhika Jain                       Mt. Vernon Township High School

Tori Belmont                         Webber Township High School

Molly Huge                            Nashville Community High School

Hannah Anderson                Hillsboro High School

Ashton Gray                          Red Hill High School

Leah Ramsaran                    Red Hill High School

Peyton Novak                       Nashville Community High School

Ashlyn Lashbrook                Centralia High School

Ashton Morris-Smith           Centralia High School

Kylie Newell                           Waltonville High School

Kendall Lintker                      Okawville Jr Sr High School

Jalen Wayer                           Salem Community High School

Ashley Higgins                      Centralia High School

Kaylee Reynolds                    Salem Community High School

Kaylee Sefton                         Brownstown High School


2015 Future Healthcare Hero Awardees

Kourtney Cash                      Webber Township High School

Morgan Massie                      Waltonville High School

Leah Avery                              Robinson High School

Lindsey Winkler                      Centralia High School

Hannah Schrum                      Webber Township High School

Sierra Ehret                              Nashville Community High School

Courtney Deiters                     Central Community High School

Robert Groff                             Centralia High School

Corrie Sasse                             Brownstown High School

Madelyn May                           Centralia High School

Paige Conner                           Altamont High School

Melissa Jenkins                        Robinson High School

Kelci Dunlap                             Oblong High School

Kayla Vonberg                          Carlyle High School

Emily Trimble                            Robinson High School

Michalyn Johnson                     Lawrenceville High School

Hillary Hartwig                           Salem Community High School

Annie Lietz                                 Nashville Community High School

Lauren Buerster                        Newton Community High School

Jaden Zumbahlen                     Altamont Community High School

Rachel Gower                            Hutsonville Community High School


2014 Future Healthcare Hero Awardees

Justin Smith                  Red Hill High School

Emily Mann                  Taylorville High School

Jessica Schumacher      Teutopolis High School

Megan Niermann          Nashville Community HIgh School

Dylan Wesley                Robsinson High School

John D. Becker              Carlyle High School

Hannah Owens              Mount Vernon Township High School

Renee Tillman               Altamont Community High School

Amelia Kopplin              Altamont Community High School

Chandra Smith               Altamont Community High School

Alexa Garden                 Salem Community High School

Connor Stephenson        Salem Community High School

Danielle Austin                Brownstown High School

Bethany Oberlink            Brownstown High School

Kaitlyn Parcell                 Webber Township High School

Virginia Sandschafer        Newton Community High Schoo 



Look for educational funding in a variety of different places.  Try:

Local Chambers of Commerce • Employers • Local Community Groups

High Schools • Private Educational Foundations

Religious Affiliations • Civic Organizations



There also are many free websites that assist students in scholarship searches; check the websites listed below to help you.

• College Board - http://www.collegeboard.com/student/pay/index.html?affiliateId=rdr&bannerId=pay

• College Illinois – http://www.collegeillinois.org/

• Scholarship America – http://scholarshipamerica.org/

• Scholarship Help - http://www.scholarshiphelp.org/

• Scholarship Experts - http://www.scholarshipexperts.com/

• School Soup - http://schoolsoup.com/scholarships/