In-A-Box Toolkits and Health Education Game Loan Program:

Teachers, presenters, group leaders and others working with children in grades 4-8 throughout the SCI-AHEC region, are invited to borrow the In-A-Box Toolkits and a variety of health education games at no charge.  Toolkits and games are available by reservation and on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Contact SCI-AHEC at 618-899-1052. 

Health Careers Presentation:

Arrange for a health careers presentation for any classroom.  Presentations cover a wide array of health careers, including salary as well as educational requirements.  Contact SCI-AHEC today 618-899-1051, to arrange a presentation for your class or group. 

Health Career Exploration Links:

Are you considering a health career?  Not sure? Spend some time exploring opportunities in health careers by clicking the links below.



 Explore Health Careers


Career One Stop


My Next Move


US Bureau of Labor Statistics