- Rural Health Experience-Testimonial


The Rural Health Experience is a 3-5 day rural immersion experience for health professions students interested in learning about the delivery of health care in a particular rural community. Northwest Illinois AHEC partners with the National Center for Rural Health Professions to provide this opportunity to students that are enrolled in Health Career programs.

The RHE is designed to:

  • Provide experience in rural healthcare settings;
  • Acquaint students with rural lifestyle; 
  • Convey knowledge and appreciation for a variety of health professions disciplines;
  • Create awareness of rural health needs;
  •  Provide an opportunity for students to learn and work in an environment that supports health professionals working together
  • Encourage awareness and acceptance of different cultures and promote learning through active and organized participation in the community 


Below is are summaries of student's experiences for her Rural Health Program:2017

  •   I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Rural Health Experience. It is something that I will continue to reflect upon during my journey towards medical school. While at Perry, I felt a strong sense of community throughout the hospital. Everyone was very helpful and seemed genuinely interested in informing me of what it is like to be a rural healthcare professional. That feeling of community is one that I will look for when deciding where to practice medicine, and I believe it will draw me back to a rural area.(Perry Memorial Hosptial-Princeton, Illinois)
  • This program proved even more valuable than I could have imagined, and once again reinstated my belief that giving medical students - in every stage of their career -the opportunity to explore medicine in a variety of environments is a major requirement for a positive reformation of healthcare in the United States. Thanks again very much to everyone at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital for the opportunity, and for making my time there so influential! (KSB-Dixon, Illinois)

  • After becoming aware that practicing rural medicine can be done in a decent sized hospital and experiencing such a positive and welcoming work environment my views on where I would like to work as a professional have been expanded. I have always pictured myself working at a large medical facility but with size comes issues of communication and working with a large and possibly ever-changing host of other people. After the RHE I can now see how important it is to have strong relationships between disciplines and coworkers in order to provide great medical care. I also have experienced what a positive and tight knit work environment feels with and both of these factors will have an effect on where I decide to take my professional career. (KSB Hospital-Dixon, Illinois)