07/25/2013 - Centralia's AHEC supports successful Health and Wellness Fair!

The Centralia Recreation Complex hosted the first ever Health and Wellness Fun Fest on Thursday


The event was made possible through the efforts of four preceptor students including Adam Hood, Katie Janney, Blessing Tupiri, and Rachel Glassford, who were provided through the Rural Interprofessional Health Professions Summer Preceptorship Program at the National Center for Rural Health Professions at University of Illinois at Rockford. The event highlighted healthy living options in the local area that many may not have known about through various vendors, events and activities.

Among the events were fruit sculpting, disk golf, a tricycle obstacle course, and several contests that included prizes ranging from footballs to bicycles.

The event was completely free and was sponsored by the Felician Wellness Center, St. Mary's Good Samaritan, and the Illinois Area Health Education Center. Preceptor Student Rachel Glassford thanked the community for their support.

"The community has been extremely welcoming... we're really got to know members of the community, and that's really something we were all looking for." Glassford praised.

Centralia Recreation Complex manager Sonya Germann said that the event exceeded expectations.

"I think it was as successful as we could have ever hoped for." Germann said "Even more so."

Germann added that the complex plans to put on the event again next year with the help of several more preceptor students and even more volunteers. Over 20 volunteer event staff helped run Thursday's event.

The entire article can be found here: http://www.wjbdradio.com/LocalNews/Centralia-Rec--Complex-Hosts-Health-and-Wellness-Fun-Fest-on-Thursday#.UelWLG2AF1g  
Pictures from the event can be found on NCRHP's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NationalCenterForRuralHealthProfessions?ref=hl