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The world of health care is booming and proves to be one of the fastest growing industries today. In a rapidly growing and aging population, this trend is likely to continue for some time, thus creating an abundance of health care related jobs and careers. In health care, your job choices are many and there are careers for those with varying levels of education ranging from a high school diploma to an associate's, bachelor's, masters, or professional degree. Regardless of where you fall in the spectrum of education or experience, this site was designed with one main goal in mind and that is to help you find your ideal place in the health care field.

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This website is designed to search careers with key words, browse careers by industry and if your not sure what career you would like to do for a living you can start with a few short questions about the type of work you might enjoy.

Our mission is to help solve two urgent problems in U.S. health care which are the under-representation of minorities in the workforce and the shortage of health professionals in medically underserved communities. By addressing these problems, we hope to help more of today’s students become the health professionals of tomorrow.
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Everything you want to know about a wide variety of health careers.

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What is a career? While many people use the words “job” and “career” interchangeably, the two have very different meanings. Throughout your life, you may hold various jobs starting, perhaps starting when you are in high school or earlier. Typically, people pursue just one career. A career is a journey, and something you will be committed to in the long term. It consists of different steps and, ideally, it is something that you feel is your calling. If you are a student ready to begin your higher education, or have held many different jobs and want to know how to make the switch to doing what you love, this career guide will be a great resource.