Tazewell County Health Department 
Health Priorities: Peoria, Woodford, Tazewell Counties' MAPP process resulted in community health improvement plan. The Partnership for a Healthy Community will pick up this work and implementation with many people/organizations involved. Priorities are behavioral health (mental health, suicide prevention, substance abuse); healthy eating, active living; cancer prevention; and increasing access to services.

Tazewell County: Hopedale Medical Complex, Hopedale, Community Health Needs Assessment 2015 identified and prioritized 5 issues. See https://www.hopedalemc.com/upload/files/Community-health-needs-assessment-2.pdf
1. WELLNESS Weliness, and its many issues, was discussed by both focus groups. Secondary data concerning food access and choices, obesity and healthy living indicators, supported many of those concerns. The identification and prioritization group identified wellness as a significant need that was inclusive of the various concerns raised. The group specifically identified the need to address physical inactivity among adults and the need for increased access to screenings as significant. They indicated that physical inactivity needed to be addressed in the communities with opportunities for recreation and physical activity beyond Hopedale and the Hopedale Medical Complex.
2. MENTAL HEALTH Mental health concerns were raised in both focus groups and supported by the conclusions of the Healthy Tazewell Initiative. The group agreed that significant needs existed for access to mental health evaluation, local counseling, and beds in appropriate facilities for transfers.
3. RECRUITMENT FOR PHYSICIANS, SPECIALISTS AND OTHER HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS The group recognized the need for recruitment of young physicians and other young healthcare professionals. They also agreed with the community leaders’ focus group that there was a need for local orthopedic, oncology, and psychiatry services.
4. CONTINUUM OF CARE FOR PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS The group identified this as a need for continued improvement in an area that the hospital has recently undertaken some new approaches. The group saw the need as the continued expansion of post hospitalization communication and planning.
5. MARKETING OF LOCAL HEALTHCARE SERVICES Both focus groups identified concerns with information about locally available services and promotion of the use of those services. They believed that there needs to be a provider/community collaboration to work to overcome the idea that urban services are necessarily better than small town care. It was pointed out that Hopedale Medical Complex offers highly skilled general surgeons and excellent emergency care. There is very good local specialty care in some fields. The group saw a need for local information and marketing of those services, including the use of HMC satellite locations for better outreach and promotion.