Urban Medicine

UMed group shot

UMed is a unique medical school curriculum to prepare physician-leaders to serve urban communities.



 Chicago is the largest of the four College of Medicine sites.

  Located in the world's largest medical district & one mile west of "the loop".

   Classes of 2009 and 2010 show that UMed participants choose primary care fields more frequently than their counterparts (67% versus 50%).

   Classes of 2009 and 2010 show that UMed participants are staying in Chicago for residency training in greater proportions than their peers (70% versus 50%).


Urban Medicine (UMed) Curriculum Mission:   

 "To prepare physician-leaders to serve urban communities"



Medical care needs of urban residents continue to challenge physicians and other practitioners involved in health care delivery. Disparities in health outcomes based on gender, ethnic, and a number of socio-economic factors have been well documented, and are more likely to be encountered in diverse urban settings. As a forerunner in educating a diverse physician workforce, UIC is uniquely positioned to address the preparation of future leaders in urban medicine.


If you...

  • Are committed to working with people of diverse cultural backgrounds,


  • Have been involved in extracurricular activities in urban communities,


  • Want to understand and address the factors that cause and perpetuate health and health care disparities,


  • Have taken courses in social and behavioral sciences that have exposed you to issues affecting various groups in society,


  • Are interested in complementary and alternative medicine modalities,


...then UMed may be for you

Thank you to The Chicago Community Trust for sponsorship and support of our program http://www.cct.org/