Rural Health Careers Camps

Through partnerships with various universities and colleges, NCRHP offers several Rural Health Careers Camps across the state.  The camps provide rural high school students with hands-on learning experiences about the different health careers and shows them the opportunities available in the various health profession fields.  

The purpose of the Rural Health Careers Camps is to:

  • Increase the number of youth interested in and pursuing health professions in rural Illinois communities

  • Develop a qualified rural student base to fill health profession workforce shortages in rural Illinois

  • Strengthen rural students’ educational backgrounds and interest in the health professions

  • Provide rural high school students with a hands-on learning experience about different health professions careers

Camp Description:

  • First camp was held the summer of 2005

  • Three and one-half day overnight camp on a college campus

  • Annually about 50 high school students from rural Illinois attend camp

  • Hands-on labs in various health professions

  • Recreational activities

  • Health professions students (some with a rural background) serve as camp counselors

  • Parent session about how to prepare/pursue a career in the health professions including information about college admissions, requirements and financial aid

    For more information about our Rural Health Careers Camps, please contact Vicki by e-mail or by phone at 815 395-5854.